Planning :: the craft dilemma.

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Uh oh, spaghetti-o’s… It seems we have hit a hurdle in our planning. Now, I could post about our itinerary, or our camper trailer, or the gear we are taking, or a multitude of things. But we are talking a month on the road. A MONTH. You all know, I’m going to need my crafty stuff. So, our previous “test the trailer” camper trip, we already covered the “no Rachy, I don’t care if it’s a powered site, you aren’t taking the sewing machine” argument (which I still feel I lost unfairly. If female astronauts can take their sewing gear to SPACE, surely I can take mine to Queensland? I mean, I know it *seems* like another world at times, north of the border, but at least I don’t need a power point adaptor). I did, however, gain luggage space allowance sufficient to include my funky purple polka dot craft tote. And thus was planning on taking it again. But I’m now told that my luggage allowance may be wound back. I suggested downsizing to a small carry-on sized roller bag we have. He laughed. I pouted. He offered me a “container the same size as the first aid kit”. I laughed. He rolled his eyes and walked off.

What I had planned to take:

Ripple crochet WIP (including 4 balls of yarn)

Knitting WIP – cowl

Dear Jane – six block foundations prepped, plus fabric, and paper to draw subsequent blocks (including design board and travel cutting mat/ironing board)

Sketch book plus pencils

Ball of yarn and cable needles to knit Joey a scarf.

Embroidery WIP – “dreams into plans”

Ball of yarn for a Queen Anne’s Lace scarf

My delightful mini travel kit (*mwah* thanks Car!)

Writing book plus current draft manuscript for reference (which possibly could be put on the iPad)

Plus, of course, my iPad (for reading and blogging), a couple of hard copy books, and we won’t even get into the camera situation, because once he sees THAT list, well, the word “lead balloon” comes to mind…

The biggest thing is the ripple. It’s getting to a decent size, plus the green/blue/red balls are now too small for a full segment, so I’d need to take a new, full 200g ball. If we are concerned about space, it would be the first to go. But it’s also one of the easiest, no-thinking-required projects that’s perfect for hanging round the camp site and chatting, so I’m loathe to leave it behind. Wish me luck ladies, there is some serious negotiating ahead!!


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