Planning :: Don’t Drop The Delicates!

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{cross-posted (somewhat) from LittleWhiteDove}

When we were camping last holidays, testing out the camper at Wooli, one of my biggest fears (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) was that with my hands generally occupied holding Butterfly contained on one side, and the other hand balancing a precarious ball of her clothes, my clothes and our toiletries. Somewhere in this juggle, I was sure that, despite strategic layering and bundling, at some point I would potentially end up losing my delicates. Yeah, I have the big issues, I know. So. Since then, my plan has been to make us all a shower bag to keep all delicates contained and undisplayed. Wise move, no? Finally this week, I got time to get to the fabric shop, and grabbed some homespun and cord, and whipped up these little drawstring bags – one each in the children’s favourite colours, and then two slightly larger ones in the grey for the grown ups. They were super quick to whizz up, maybe 15 minutes at the most, and cost around $2 in supplies. And now our delicates remain undropped. Now, on to the next task, children’s clothing storage!


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